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Be a Better Bar Coach.

Uneven Bars is the most difficult event to coach in women's gymnastics because it is so complex. Taught correctly each level builds to the next so it is vital to get the early competitive levels right to have success at the higher levels. Tom Forster and Neil Resnick  teach the systems, drills and concepts the best bar coaches know. Attending the Uneven Bar Boot Camp will greatly improve the uneven bar performance for your entire gym.

Tom and Neil have coached Junior Olympic, World and Olympic gymnasts for the past three decades. They love sharing their knowledge and experience to help coaches become better bar coaches.

You've heard the saying, "Give someone a fish and they eat for a day, teach them to fish and they'll eat for life." That's what the Uneven Bar Boot Camp is; it is not a clinic for gymnasts it is the premier clinic for coaches to learn how to be a better bar coach.


Who We Are

Tom Forster and Neil Resnick combine their years of experience coaching to provide the ultimate Hands On experience for coaches to learn everything about bars...

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What We Do

The 2015 Uneven Bar Boot Camps are scheduled. Check out the boot camp that best fits your schedule ...

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