The Uneven Bar Boot Camp IS ...

a complete weekend clinic taught by Tom and Neil to coaches that want to become better bar coaches. They cover Levels 3 to Elite showing every drill, skill, and concept all the great bar coaches know. It's not rocket science - there is a system to coaching bars successfully and they teach you what it is and how to implement it for every level in your gym.


The Uneven Bar Boot Camp IS NOT ...

a clinic for your gymnasts. Tom and Neil provide the gymnasts for you to watch, video and spot for all the skills you need to know and want to learn. This is for coaches only so you don't have to worry about rips, injuries, or attitudes. Come with a list of questions you want answers to and every skill you want to learn more about.

The Cost


2019 fall BOOT CAMP DATE


Typical UBBC Schedule

Begins at 4:30pm on FRIDAY and ends at noon on SUNDAY

FRIDAY   4:30pm - 8:00pm
(Gym)  Bar Conditioning and Shaping. (This you will want to video for sure - it's excellent!)
(Gym)  Side Stations During Bar Practice. (Video this too so you can take ideas back to your gym how to use the space you have for non-bar work that applies to bars.)
(Lectures)  Laws of Motion. How to Develop Lower Levels for Future Optionals. Designing Routines That Build With Each Level.

SATURDAY   8:15am - 5:00pm
Breakfast  (Lecture - Time Management. We cover the many methods to make the best use of your practice time throughout the year.)
(Gym)  Level 3
(Gym)  Level 4
(Gym)  Level 5
Lunch  (Lecture - Building Your Team Culture. We teach strategies for creating a winning attitude throughout your team program at each level.)
(Gym)  Level 6 and 7
(Gym)  Level 8
(Gym)  Level 9 - first half
Dinner  Out on the town - Tom and Neil's treat!

SUNDAY   8:15am - 12:00pm
Breakfast  (Lecture - How to Put it All Together. We teach how to implement a program where your coaches work together from level to level to keep technique consistent from coach to coach and to stay on task so your gymnasts progress at each level in your gym.)
(Gym)  Level 9 - second half
(Gym)  Level 10 and Elite